Should You Be Looking to Sell in the Current Environment?

By Sheridan King
  • Australians may be making decisions based on negative media reports
  • The process of selling has changed a little, yet our activities have shown that these processes are working very effectively.

Like most property owners, you’ll probably have questions about what has and hasn’t changed in the way in which properties are being marketed in the current environment. 

Is now a good time to market my property for sale? How can we continue to market and sell property in a safe manner as our communities transition back to normal conditions? 

We are concerned that our clients may make decisions to stay out of the real estate market based on media reports that often paint a negative picture. With Ray White Diamond Creek being backed by Australasia’s largest real estate group, selling one in every nine properties across Australia, we are uniquely placed to provide our clients with relevant and timely information and data to assess current market activity. As a family owned and led business with 118 years of experience, we know that we can deliver you the highest quality solutions in today’s market. We have successfully adapted our processes in order to continue to safely fulfil the needs of our customers in the current environment. The process of selling has changed a little, yet our activity over the past two months has shown that these processes are working very effectively.

For example, Diamond Creek has been selling more properties in Diamond Creek than any other agent in the area, we are the local experts, backed by the biggest real estate group and with access to the best tools to assist our clients in this environment.

If you’d like to talk to us about your options, what your property may be worth or just a chat about the current market, please send us a message or email us at

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