Ray White Diamond Creek rises from the ashes

By Sheridan King

In November 2018, the Ray White Plenty office fell victim to a truly devastating fire in a neighbouring office that destroyed everything within their own office.

But out of the ashes, the team was able to rise, and they are now celebrating the opening of their new office in Diamond Creek.

“We had to set up office at our home residence in order to support staff and continue the day to day business tasks,” said Ray White Diamond Creek Director Narelle King.

“We then merged with a local real estate business and re-branded as Ray White Diamond Creek, taking on an office perfectly located for great exposure and convenience for clients.

“For the people of Plenty and Diamond Creek, it means they can now have easy access to a strong locally-based family business with a strong sales and property management team, supported by Australia’s leading real estate brand.

“We’re servicing the same areas but have now expanded our core trade area to include surrounding rural areas like Hurstbridge, Arthurs Creek, Cottles Bridge and St Andrews.

“Because we’re deeper in the Valley, we’re more concentrated on the Diamond Creek area and neighboring suburbs in the Diamond Valley.

“We now get a lot more walk-in clients due to our position next to the main supermarket Coles in Diamond Creek. 

“We feel more closely-connected to the community and are able to be more involved and have more in-depth relationships with the local people.”

Ms King paid tribute to her team for their hard work and tremendous attitude during the time of the fire and the transition since.

“A lot has happened in eight months and it is a testament to the wonderful team we have that we’ve been able to successfully transition so quickly,” she said.

“We plan on growing the business to become a more dominant agency within Diamond Creek and the surrounds, and we aim to be the area’s leading real estate agency, for which we’re on track and growing at a rapid rate.

“The real silver lining of the fire is the relocation has benefited us with retaining staff from the previous business we had purchased.

“A strong property manager Cheryl Hargreaves, experienced go-getter sales agent Lynn White and reliable receptionist and marketing manager Cynthia Zanellini. 

“These team members have complemented and enhanced our high-quality team members and that has enabled us to become such a strong force in the Diamond Valley.”

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