Auction Volumes Back on the Rise!

By Sheridan King

Auction results have risen to the highest level that they have been in the last 9 weeks showing a strong return of the Auction market in Victoria. Over 1,400 homes were scheduled for auction last week on the 28th of June. Whilst clearance rates are lower than the usual standard they are still strong at 64.5% rising from 59.6 the previous week. Property Inspections have returned following the strict use of social distancing guidelines helping bring volume back to properties.

Private Sales in Diamond Creek have been proceeding strong with Ray White Diamond Creek selling properties including 2 Harmony Drive, 33 Haven Lane & 55 Glen Park Road in recent weeks. Despite the current conditions around Australia houses are still being bought and sold eyery day through the effective internet use and following social distancing guidelines.

If you are thinking of selling or want selling advice please do not hesitate to call our office on 9345 8866.

(Source: Mortgage Business)

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